Makeup Bullet Journal: Your Makeup Routine Companion (eBook)
Makeup Bullet Journal: Your Makeup Routine Companion (eBook)
Makeup Bullet Journal: Your Makeup Routine Companion (eBook)
Makeup Bullet Journal: Your Makeup Routine Companion (eBook)

Makeup Bullet Journal: Your Makeup Routine Companion (eBook)

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The Makeup Bullet Journal is here!

The Makeup Bullet Journal is a collection of beauty bullet journal layouts for your makeup routine. My goal is to encourage you to bring your makeup passion onto paper and to help you organize your beauty life. Revamp your makeup routine with the perfect pocket companion!

75+ pages
A pocket on-the-go guide to practise your makeup routine all-around and to organize your makeup and beauty life.

Makeup routine boost
10 chapters for 10 printables: each chapter introduces an aspect of your everyday makeup routine that you need to know.

10 makeup bullet journal printables
Record your makeup experience on your bullet journal with different types of spreads, collections or trackers that have been thought out to support you with your makeup passion.

Exclusive design
10 original layouts designed by Youtuber, a true artist in the online and offline art of bullet journaling. Check her out at

Signature makeup tips
Bite-size tips and quick educational content to jump-start your daily makeup routine.

Perfect makeup routine companion
Are you tired of a chaotic makeup life? The Makeup Bujo is the perfect compact companion to bring order in your makeup routine.

What´s inside?

200+ stunning Pages

We inspire, motivate and educate with over 200 designer pages that bring your makeup skills to incredible new heights.

Makeup Tips

Learn all the makeup tips and tricks in a clear, easy-to-understand format!

Base, Eyes & Lips

All your makeup needs are covered in one place: choose the topic you want to explore and discover all its secrets.

8-Weeks to Makeup Mastery

In just two months, you will have all the lessons to master your beauty routine.

32 Glamorous Looks

Achieve the best look for your personal style with 32 step-by-step pictorial lessons on how to bring out your features and personality.

One-Stop Makeup Library

The Makeup Guide offers limitless inspiration at your fingertips all in one in-depth eBook!

Make Any Look Your Own

The best part is that because the eBook teaches you a wide range of techniques, you can customize the looks to fit you and your friends.

Makeup Tracker Charts

We keep you on the journey to makeup expertise with Tracker Charts that let you follow the program at a pace that works for you!

For Smartphones, Tablets & Print

Bring the eBook anywhere you go with specialized versions for both smartphones and tablets, making the best out of any reading experience. You can also print the high resolution file and create your own hardcover version.